Losing a grandmother

I lost my grandmother in February 2014. She was 94 and suffered a stroke. In Dec 2013 I had been made redundant from a job a week before Christmas - life was pretty bad and then a couple of months later my grandmother passed away.

We celebrated her 94th birthday in Jan 2014 at home with lots of family and relatives around. A couple of days later she was admitted to hospital and stayed there for a couple of weeks until she passed away. It’s as if she went out with a celebration of her life - we took many photos that day.

We cremated her on valentines day and also raised £250 in donations for the Stroke Association UK.

I somehow survived all this and came through stronger. The strength may have come from my grandmother, she was a very strong personality when she was younger and healthier. We all remembered that.

I just wanted to share this story and hope members can read this, knowing that they are not alone and that in a strange way, the loss of a loved one can also bring strength inside you.

Thank you,


Hi Riten. Welcome to the community and thank you for sharing your story. It’s lovely to hear that you feel you’ve become stronger because of your loss and that you have such good memories of your grandmother. Losing someone you love can be a very lonely time and we hope that this community will provide a place for people to share their stories and talk to others. I’m sure your story will bring comfort to others. Thank you.