Losing a mother

My mom passed away 2 years ago. Just when I had finally convinced myself that I am able to deal with her loss. Unchained emotions led to floods of tears. I mostly feel angered and sad.

Everything in my life is going according to plan. I hate that she is not here to share my achievements. I miss her.
When she died, she took my happiness with her.

I want my mom!

Delayed grief is not uncommon. I am so sorry, and even though your loss was two years ago it makes no difference to the pain. When things are going well and we think we may be over the initial shock it can hits us all the harder. It’s the contrast of feeling better and the sudden drop into the dumps.
Did you grieve when your mom died? Of course you did and it was awful, but sometimes we bottle up a lot of emotion and it will out in some way. Anxiety is so often the result of suppressed emotion.
Have you had any counselling or help from someone you trust? Unloading can help. It’s good you are here because we all know and understand.
She took some of your happiness with her, but I am sure she left just a little bit to work on. That’s your mom!! Take care. Be kind to yourself and know she is proud of you, nothing can stop that because it’s what love is about.

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