Losing a parent as a Teenager,

My name is Molly, I’m 21 now when I was 16 I lost my mam suddenly while she was at work. Fot the past 6 years I have battled with myself coming to terms with how to navigate being a young adult without the most important person in my life. One of the things I found hardest was the idea that most of my major life events would happen without the most important person to me. I have been working since last year with a local school and speaking with local charities to help people in my position, I’m working on podcast to hopefully help those in my position navigate through grief. If anyone has any input that could help I would love to hear. The podcast will be called " The Good Grief Podcast" and the instagram is @goodgrief_podcastx. I hope this helps someone :slight_smile:


Molly, what a fantastic thing you are doing and I commend you for doing it. Young people are often forgotten when it comes to grief. I will keep the details you have posted for future reference.
Good luck with your endeavours and thank you for posting. S xx

Hi Susie, your reply means so much to me. Its very true I feel there is such untouched ground and I’m passionate about changing that, Thank you again for your response xx

Hi Molly, It’s lovely to meet you. I so admire your courage and determination. I’m 51 and absolutely destroyed by my mam leaving me. I can’t even get out of bed today. Where do you find your strength? It is truly amazing. Your mam would be so very proud of you. You are amazing! x

Christine, I know how hard it is to make yourself do things and telling yourself you must do things that your heart doesn’t want is all part of grieving. Honestly it takes so much effort and I think most of us on here have gone through those times but you will find the strength and when you do be proud and pleased with your self.
I remember after I managed probate, I just sat and did nothing for days, then a friend rang me to see why I had not attended a class which I had always been passionate about. She didn’t say much but it made me think that it was no good doing nothing, I had things I should be doing and I felt guilty. I moved but I still have days I don’t want to get out of bed.
Hope it helps knowing others have and still do have days when it’s only willpower that moves us. Stay safe S xx

I had started doing things like dishes and hair and my therapy but today I just couldn’t get out of bed. Its dark now and I have taken rubbish to the bin, collected parcels from the door and done the dishes. I feel so alone and it’s like just filling in time until I meet mam. My sisters and dad don’t understand. They want to fix me and won’t allow me to just feel. They are irritated and annoyed by me because I’m not like them, getting on with things. It doesn’t matter what I do or don’t do it isn’t right. So I have given up trying and am essentially alone now. I’m glad its winter because my garden would just die. I just don’t have the strength to fight it today. x

Christine, tomorrow is another day and sun will shine. Sleep well and I hope tomorrow is a good day. Bless you Sxx

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