Losing a parent to suicide

Feel completely abandoned every day and do not know how to deal with this feeling

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I’m so sorry
it is beyond difficult to try and understand isn’t it
I think we can’t make sense of it because they were obviously not well or thinking straight
if they were they would have known how people loved them and would help them
they were in pain and wanted the pain to end.they were numb to everyone else’s emotions the pain was too great,they couldn’t connect with how it would affect us
that’s how I try and think about it
look after yourself in whatever way you can,try and get some bereavement counselling so you have regular chance to express all those feelings and don’t bottle them up
take care
sending strength and peace

Dear Katea,

It must be so hard for you to be feel abandoned at a time when you need support the most. There must be so many questions going through your head.
When you scroll through posts on this site you will find posts from others who have lost someone to suicide (you can use the search option for posts on specific situations) and the effect it has had on them.
There is also a website for those who have lost someone to suicide that you may find helpful. This is the link:
My heart goes out to you. I hope you will find the support that you need.