Losing a parent

Hello, I’m not sure how this works on here but if anyone did see this I’d be grateful. I recently lost my father quite suddenly and he was my entire world and wanted to create a conversation with people who dealt/are dealing with a similar situation. I’m studying at university but finding it hard to slot back into normal life again. What helps you and how are you dealing with it xx

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Hi maisie,

I’m sorry to hear about the recent sudden loss of your dad and I completely understand how you feel. 18 weeks ago I lost my mum to a sudden, catastrophic brain hemorrhage and I am still at a total loss. There were no signs and I feel my heart has been ripped out. My mum lived with my partner and I and did all our childcare. We all watched tv together, had dinner, enjoyed a glass of wine and a laugh. She was my absolute best friend and I just assumed that she would be around for another 15 to 20 years.
I already lost my dad to a sudden, massive heart attack when he was 53 and I was 27.
Life is very cruel at times. I can’t advise you on how to get through this because I’m struggling so much myself but I can listen to your feelings, concerns etc.
Cheryl x

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