Losing a partner

I’m really struggling at the moment it’s been a year since Michael died and my heart is broken it was a year ago, Hopefully in the next few weeks I am going to get counselling the last time was 5 months after Michael died, I don’t feel I’ve made progress l do things everybody else does, but these days I’m suffering from anxiety and this time of the year people expect me to do things stay at their homes go and see them and all I want to do is hide but I know that’s not healthy, it’s Hard making conversation when you so unhappy inside, And I know a lot of you will say only do what you’re capable of doing, but the trouble is I’m not doing anything, l when shopping today and it was awful l cried when l got home , through sheer panic……

It’s terrible lost my husband 12month ago people don’t know what to say but you take care of yourself lv annie

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I think it’s so difficult to know what is the right thing to do but when I’m struggling I stay at home and that is my sanctuary where I feel safe and I don’t always want to see people and I feel ok with that, it’s a time that I have to do what I want because the worst thing that could ever happen has happened to me and I am grieving my way for my husband, nothing anyone says or do can help me so I need to find my own way and that’s what is important and you need to do whatever gives you comfort, it’s ok to be sad especially as such a sentimental time as Xmas don’t be too hard on yourself and take care thinking of you xx