Losing a sister

Tomorrow is the anniversary of my sisters death and it hit me hard when i found her and i found out how she died from taking her own life, which she had tried twice before i have no idea how to get over this my heart is breaking for what she did family say i should think of the good times we had i have tried so much to do that but all i come back to is the morning i found her dead


Sue I wanted to register here because I saw your thread. I lost my sister to Suicide aswell - she died 7 years in May and I think about her everyday. She struggled with alcoholism and had been diagnosed with cirrhosis not long before she died. My heart is broken too but it has become easier to think of the better times as the years have passed. In the first few months and years all I could think of was how she had gotten to the point where she didn’t want to live anymore and how I couldn’t help her. I dont know how long it has been since your sister passed but the early years were really the hardest for me. She was my baby sister.

I hope today goes as ok for you as can be and that you have people around you to support you. It is so hard.

Thank you Leelou for the words she passed away last March so it is only a year today it as been so hard for me as i am the last one left of the family but the younger members have been checking in with me to see how i am doing it is hard to lose some one you love so much like that i miss her every day and shall do for a long time yet