Losing a son

My lovely son Reece died on 5th October and I’m so devastated I don’t feel as if I’ll be happy again. He was diagnosed with brain and spine cancer in 2017 and went through gruelling treatment and was in remission until May 2022. It has been made worse as I went through it all with him and he was my world. He had never had a proper girlfriend until 2021 when he met his now widow, I know she made him happy but I felt from the start that i wasn’t important anymore and felt like I’d already lost him already before his terminal diagnosis. He was 30 in August 2022 and his birthday party was all arranged by his wife and her parents and the same for their wedding in September 2022. His Dad and I who are separated were called to their home the night before he died but she wanted to be alone with him when he died which he did at 10 am the next morning. I know she looked after him so well as she is a paramedic but I hardly saw him in his last few months, there was always an excuse such as he feels so poorly but surely I could have just sat near him whilst he was sleeping? I don’t know but has anyone else had anything similar?

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I’m so sorry for the loss of your son Reece, @mims. I’m just bumping your thread for you so it’s more easily seen - hopefully someone will be along to offer their support.

Take good care :blue_heart:

Hello my love I feel your pain x life is so awful I just pray they have gone on to a beautiful life xxx