Losing an Adult Child

Hello. I lost my daughter 6 weeks ago. She had battled with Ovarian Cancer for almost 2 years. She was taken seriously ill in February but I never thought I would lose her yet. She was just 30 years old. I have lost my best friend. She always knew what to do!!
Not coping very well at all

Oh Gill I am so very sorry. My daughter has the same name as you do and she has been sick since she was diagnosed stage 1 diabetic when she was 18. She is also asthmatic and had encephalitis of the brain alive years ago.i know how it feels to worry when a child is sick because they are always your children and to loose a child must be devastating. I lost my husband 2 years ago and my daughter took control of some of the arrangements. She even went to see him before me because she wanted to make sure he looked OK before I went in.
She then held his ashes for 6 weeks because I could not cope with my loss.
My daughter is still quite frail and is now forgetful and I worry about her so much so believe me I know how you must be feeling.
Ovarian cancer is an unseen killer and I am so sorry you lost your daughter through this disease and at such a young age.
Keep posting on here because it helps so much just to talk and the community here is great.
I send you virtual hugs.x

Hi Gill
I share your pain I lost my precious 32 year old son at the end of January . It still seems such a shock, we had no warning as he had a sudden cerebral thrombosis and brain haemorrhage. We feel so lost without him. He leaves a young wife and two small children.

If you post in the Losing a child category you will see many other parents on here have tragically lost their dear sons or daughters and that sadly we are not alone in our grief.

I also recommend The Compassionate Friends, who have a forum, facebook groups and a helpline and website to help bereaved parents, grandparents and siblings.
I am happy to chat if you would like to.

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