Losing an aunt

I found out on Friday whilst I was out having a lovely meal with my partner that my beautiful Aunt died two years ago to cancer. I was in shock and I just cried and cried. What annoyed me the most is that none of my family had told me that she had died. I literally cant believe my family would hide something like this from me. My heart is broken and I miss her terrible. I was gonna start meeting up with her for a catch up.

I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your aunt two years ago and that your family had not let you know. It sounds as though this was a huge shock and you feel very let down by your family. It sounds as though you feel very sad that you have missed out on the chance to start seeing her more often. Have you talked to any of your other family members about this? Did they give you a reason why they didn’t tell you she had died?

When you are grieving, it’s important to have outlets for your emotions, rather than bottling things up. That could mean talking to your partner, to your friends, or writing things down here on this site. Feel free to use this space to talk about how you are feeling, or about your memories of your aunt.

I am so sorry Welshy, in my experience aunts can be as close as our mothers, they are very special people. x

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