I lost my Mum on 23rd August 2020. My fairly absent Dad then died a few weeks ago on 28th August.
Struggling with my emotions as my Mum had no choice but to end her relationship with him when I was 4 as he was a physical abuser to her.
My Dad’s funeral was this Friday on the 2nd Anniversary of my Mum’s passing ironically.
I feel as though I’m in am emotional tumble dryer. Absolutely devastated by the loss of my Mum who was my Best Friend but Struggling to grieve for my Dad so I wrote this poem.

Grief upon Grief

Mum has gone
How can I go on
But her love and strength made me strong
And I carry on

One loss is enough and then you get a second blow

A Distant Dad then dies
What happened in front of my eyes

Both parents are gone
Two years apart but
With very different hearts

You now have a heart with a hole
Death has taken it’s toll

I struggle to cry about my Dad that died
Mum gave pure love
Yet his love was never often enough

Life is very tough and I feel full of stuff
I’m having difficulty expressing
It’s all so depressing

But I will be strong and carry on as I was taught
By a Mother like no other


That is beautiful , thank you for sharing it with us :heart:

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