Losing dad

My lovely dad died on 5th Feb 2022 so just over 4 weeks ago. He was diagnosed 11 years ago with Alzheimers (mum diagnosed 6 years ago) they moved in with me and my husband and two daughters nearly 10 years ago and I took redundancy to be at home caring for them. Dad died at home, in his bed with his family around him. I keep playing that last moment round in my head. He went peacefully and didn’t look in any pain. One minute he was here, next minute he was gone. I felt a part of me had gone too. I’ve lost an auntie and uncle but this is a different loss, it hits you full on. He was a quiet man but oh my god doesn’t the house seem quiet without him.

Dear @Tracey777

Welcome to the Community. I so sorry for your loss.

You have loved and cared for your dad for 10 years and understandably you will feel part of you has gone as suddenly there is a horrible emptiness after bereavement without him. It is perfectly normal to feel this way.

Unfortunately nothing can prepare you for the emptiness that comes with bereavement but you learn to accept the sad change in your life and the quietness that goes with it. It does hit you full on and life suddenly seems to stop even though the world carries on.

Sue Ryder here has useful bereavement information and support pages which you may find of help.

Please continue to reach out here any time and take care of yourself.