Losing dad

I lost my dad 4 weeks ago and I’m really struggling


@Darcy1 Sorry about your Dad. There’s a lot of us on here in the same situation & the early days & weeks are especially hard. My own Dad died in March & it takes time to adjust. (I won’t say get over because you won’t) grief is a horrible thing to go thru. My advice is not to look too far ahead & not to shut yourself away, as much as you really want to. X

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Thanks, it’s only been 4 weeks. He suffered so much since January, slowly deteriorating, Parkinsons Disease. It stripped him of everything, sight, movement, ability to communicate, I stayed every night for the last 5 months, watching as he lost all dignity. We cared for him at home with the help of carers, and Marie Curie. I thought when he died id feel a relief that he was now at peace but instead I feel sad, constantly reliving everything we had to do for him to make him comfortable. He wasn’t in pain but he suffered in every other way.

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@Darcy1 watching someone suffer like that is truly awful. You’re probably suffering from the trauma of that. Knowing you couldn’t relieve his pain. You stayed by his side for 5 months which is a Mammoth task in itself. You should feel proud of yourself for that. I relived my Dad’s death & his stay in hospital over & over for months but it has lessened nearly 8 months on. It’s still early days for you so be kind to yourself. X

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Thank you :cry: