Losing hubby

I lost my husband yesterday at 5;45pm after a 2 year battle with motor neurone disease I have been with him since 1982 I feel lost and scared that’s all I’ve known . I cared for him the best I could with the help of carers it was a 24 hour job now I’m lost as I couldnt even go out the room unless somebody else was there with him .now I’m rattling around looking at all his stuff and feeling lonely I know it’s only day one but how do I cope

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Hello Helly, So sorry to hear about your loss. You are in shock at the moment so please just take things very slowly and only one day at a time. It is easy to become overwhelmed with things to do, but just slow yourself down. There will always be someone to advise you and the best place to start is to ring the Bereavement Advice Centre 0800-634-9494 or look them up online. https://www.bereavementadvice.org/ It is amazing what they can help you with and are very patient with grieving people.
We have all been where you are now so keep posting for any help you need. Love and light…x

Thank you so much for your advice Jean bless u x


You take each day as it comes, be kind to yourself. It is hard and there is no rule book, it’s your journey. We are all in the same storm but we are in different boats. I lost my husband on Christmas Eve 2020, we’d been together 40 years and his death was unexpected. I have kept a journal since the day he died. We had no children together and I feel so alone. The best thing I have done is to get bereavement counselling, it gives me a chance to speak to someone who listens and does not judge. Sending hugs xxx

Hi kazza thank u yes we were tog 39 years we had two girls though one married and one has her bf so still feel.a bit lonely one min I’m ok and next I’m not I’ve had to go car hunting today as I have to give his car bavk in 10 days u only get 2 weeks to give it bavk you would think they would give you longer as you have to sort out so much x

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I had to give my husbands car back, fortunately I still have mine. You don’t get any time to do anything.

I did most of the notifying of people though the government ‘tell us once’ site. That helped a bit. Have you claimed the bereavement support grant yet?

Yes I applied for tht the other day hun I brought a new car and I’m arranging the funeral still u have to do it all on the phone funerals are so expensive and they have downed the fu real time as they have to clean up inbetween but they still charge you the same hope you are doing ok x

Hi Helly
I feel the same as you my husband died on Monday. I don’t know what we do next or how we are supposed to feel apart from crap. Take care x

Ahhhh hun im sorry for your loss its so crap isn’t it even trying to arrange a funeral.etc is awful round here tge funeral.place isn’t open so all done in email and on phone they keep getting stuff wrong its really stressing me out and his funeral is next week x

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