Losing love of my life

I lost my husband after 30 years of marriage At first you dont quite believe it and expect them to walk through the door You do everything on automatic pilot and it does not seem real We did everything together and miss him so much

Hi Wellsh, so sorry you have lost your lovely Husband I second everything you have said. It takes some getting used to, been 6 months for me and it seems like it happened yesterday. I am lucky I have amazing family and friends but at the end of the day it is just me on my own trying to adjust to this new way of life I never asked for or ever wanted. Everybody on here is in the same position of losing a loved one so can empathize entirely with you and offer support. Sending you a big hug :revolving_hearts:


Yes same here amazing friends and family it is just so raw I will be glad when this whole pandemic is over and can meet friends and family again Thank you

Hi Wellish, first welcome to Sue Ryder and we are all here to support each other because we have all lost someone we love, or soulmate. You will have read that it’s early days for you but that really doesn’t help because it’s the here and now that matters. Yes, you will be on auto pilot and that stays for sometime. We are all different, so timelines aren’t relevant and there’s no end date to grieving, so please remember that when lovely people say you that you should be over ‘it’ what ever it is supposed, it’s not up to them. Take each day as it comes and always baby steps, there is no rush for you to do anything now. Most important due particular to the present world problems, is that you look after yourself, both physically and mentally because your immune system can be affected by grieving. We are always here for you, so never feel alone.
Blessings S

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Thank you wise words Have his ashes so he is home which gives me some comfort I will of course be glad when this is all over and I can meet family and friends Thank you

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