Losing mother

I didn’t know if there’s anyone that’s gone through the situation that wanted to chat?
Ofcourse I have no idea what to say. My mother passed Dec 2022 aged 47. She was sedated Christmas day then passed on the 29th in the Hospice. Very traumatic experience which I’m having alot of nightmares about.

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Aww Allen6,
That is so sad .My mum passed on Dec 30th 2022 . Thinking of you

So close together, I’m really sorry to hear that. Thoughts are with you as December approaches x

Thank you Allen6,
Am dreading Christmas as all the memories of last year will resurface.
Christmas will never ever be the same again or new year. It doesn’t seem like a year has passed as it just seems like yesterday. Still feels so raw.
Keep posting on this wondery site as there are such lovely people who will respond to you. It has been a life saver for me.
Everyone understands and are so kind
Deborah x