Losing mum and dad

Hi everybody.
My parent divorced a long time ago and ended up friends.
I lost my dad 3 yrs ago to cancer. My siblings and i rallied round to care for him, we found it very difficult but but we were with him for the last few months of his life. We really struggled to get over his death as he was a lovely man.
Then 2.5 yrs ago my mum caught covid.
She had a fall on xmas eve / day . My siblings and i were worried as she wasn’t answering our calls . I found her still on the floor xmas day in the afternoon . She wasnt sure how long she’d been there but she was very cold . She had banged her head. The ambulance took 5 hours to come , they checked her over and said she was ok .
Next day same again . She wasn’t answering her calls and i went round to find she’d fallen again but this time she was very confused, and couldn’t get up off the floor . Siblings came again and ambulance straight away. She was taken to hospital and we never saw her again apart from a video call to us , and she called each of us thanking us for being wonderful daughter’s.
Next day she died .
I miss her so much . I was the closest out of us . Im constantly thinking about her , and wonder if she is with me . X


Hi Blu. I am sure she is with you It was comforting that she told you what a loving person you have been. There are many people on this forum that have very similar stories. Please keep texting Sending a hug x

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