Losing mum and dad

My mum and my dad died within 5 days of each other, just four weeks ago! It is very surreal and cannot quite believe it has happened! I nursed them both at home with my sister and brother and so feel I know I have done the best I could have done. However, I miss them both so much! I am back to work and being busy makes me forget but then hits me like a bus… I suppose one day at a time…

Hi LouLou67

Just wanted to reach out. You must be in a state of shock. It is certainly early days for you so yes. One day at a time is all you can do.

I lost my dad in 2017 then 6 weeks later my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I nursed her then lost her a year after my dad. I thought that was extreme but 5 days! That’s crazy.

One way that may help you look at it is that they simply couldn’t live without each other? It happens quite a lot apparently and in an odd way it is very romantic? Romeo and Juliet. Xx

I hope you are being kind to yourself and taking it all one step at a time.

Here if you need to chat.

Ann xx

I meant to reply sooner!
Thanks for your kind words! Mum and dad have been cremated side by side and both their ashes are being scattered on a beach next month! It doesn’t get easier! You just learn how to deal with the pain
Thanks again

Hi Louise

That’s nice planning to scatter the ashes on a beach. I get comfort from nature and a beach really makes you realise how small we are which for some reason I find comforting.

You will have somewhere to visit too in the future.

You are right about it not getting easier but you just learn to live with it. I find grief like a tide thst cones and goes but eventually you get more used to the rhythm.

I hope you are managing to take some time out just to relax an “be”. You’ve had such a horrid time so it’s important to be kind to yourself.

Ann xx