Losing mum

I lost my mum in April to Covid and she also had a terminal illness. She was diagnosed and died within 7 weeks and just miss her so very much. I’m just surviving day by day and am constantly crying and fed so alone. Has anyone else suffered a loss?

Hello Anna63.,I am so sorry that you lost your Mum. You will find that just about all of us on here have lost a loved one and we know how you feel. It is a living nightmare but one we can do nothing about. I have recently written about losing my husband saying that I can’t stop crying and I think that applies to all of us. You are not alone. Crying is natural and should help in the long run.
I have no real answer for you except to say that, now you have found this amazing site, write whenever you like. Get it all out and you will find that you will be answered. At least you won’t be on your own with this - we are all beside you. Love and hugs, Ann x

I have just lost my mum today. She was fighting for the past few weeks with Covid 19 in the hospital. I couldn’t even go to see her. She was in India(kolkata) that’s the bit which is the hardest. My dad is all alone now. I live in the UK and don’t have any other siblings. Worried about him being all by himself. Anyway, this October my mum would’ve been 62. I carry all the fond memories in my heart, precious time spent with her. I’ve cried a lot these past few days when her condition worsened and she was in the ICU but today strangely I feel nothing. Maybe I need a closure.

Hi Pippa, I am so sorry that your mum passed away from Covid, and that this happened in a foreign country and you could not be with her. That must have been extremely difficult. It must also be very stressful for you that your dad is all alone now - is he ok? Have you spoken to him? I am sorry no one replied to your post, you say you are here for support, I hope you will post again, sometimes people do not see a post and so no one replied to you, hopefully this time people will. Look after yourself.

Thanks a lot Abdullah, very kind of you. It was and still is a very difficult time for me. My dad is trying to cope but when I think about how lonely he must be feeling at home during lockdown times I get tearful. There are moments when I just sit down in a dark room, remember all the past moments with mum, banter, fights, laughters… I cry and cry. Can’t believe that I spoke to her only a couple of weeks ago. Everything was fine and suddenly…anyways, I am trying to cope as best as I can.

It is so sad, I visit my mum once a week, that is difficult enough for me to cope with as I wish she lived with me, the fact you cannot see your dad and he is all alone is just devastating. I believe flights from India to the UK are starting again very soon, will he be able to come to the UK and stay with you for a few months? Is that possible, or will he need to make a visa application?

It seems like you and your mum were very close, and had a wonderful relationship, and she has suddenly been taken away from you. That must be so difficult, as you anticipated many more years with her. 62 is no age, my mum is 66, I am so truly sorry for your loss, I really hope you can work something out for yuor dad soon. In the meantime, please continue to post here whenever you need to.

Hi anna63
I’m sorry to hear you have lost your mum. My mum died suddenly 15 months ago and I just cannot accept she has gone. My days are filled with sadness and what ifs.
Lots of us on this site have lost our mums so there are plenty of us to chat to.