Losing mum

I lost my mum very suddenly on the 28th December after falling ill on the 26th I just don’t know how to feel my dad is very unsupportive and doesn’t even message to see how we are I feel very lonely and unenthusiastic I have 3 beautiful children but just really struggling ti come to terms with the reality of it

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Hi Samjoanne, I’m so sorry to hear about your Mum, it must have been such a shock for you, my Mum died suddenly as well so I know how you feel, we all deal with grief differently, I’m sure your Dad is grieving as well and finding it difficult to cope with, try and look after each other and hopefully in time things will improve, it took me a long time to come to term with my situation, I still miss her even now, sending love Jude x

Hi Jude
He’s never been a part of our lives really just thought with such a tragic thing happening it would make him realise what family was but you can’t change people can you, have you had any signs from your mum? I woke up the next morning it was 11.03 on the clock 12 hours exact since she had passed away it’s awful isn’t it losing your mum especially so suddenly there was nothing wrong with her she was fine Christmas Day and literally the next day gone kept on a life support machine for 2 days to see if they could get anything from her at all but there was nothing then they had to turn it off

So sorry for your loss. I can relate to you because I lost my mom suddenly 3 weeks ago to a cardiac arrest. I have been in a bad state since that day. I am just surviving but have no motivation to live anymore
I am sure your dad loves you and he is in extreme shock himself. Give him some time and then reach out again. Try to talk to him about something else and see if he responds.
Spend time on this site. It feels better to talk to others who understand your pain.