Losing mum

Hello frist time on here sorry if i not doing it right i lost my mum almost 2 month now i have been finding it hard with things etc wendy

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Hi @Wendy12. I am very sorry for your loss. I lost my mum unexpectedly 3 weeks ago and like many others on here, really do understand your grief.
This forum has been a great support and I hope you find the same.
Never felt grief before like this and just so so sad.
When we struggle, this is such a good and safe place to share any feelings that we have.
Sending hugs - Rachel x


Hi sorry for yr lost too its so hard trying to carry on wendy

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Thank you @Wendy12. Yes, it is so hard coping with the sadness x

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Hi Wendy, so sorry for your loss. I too lost my mum. 4 months ago now. I seem to be going through waves of depression at the moment. Sending healing hugs to you.

Hello @Wendy12, I also lost my mum (coming up to 3 weeks ago after she fell down the stairs). Iā€™m finding it really hard too, moreso as I only lost my sister in June. Sending support

Hi i am sorry for yr loss of yr mum too i know what you mean about it comes in waves

Sorry for your loss of your mum n your sister :cry: x