Losing my boyfriend

My bf passed away on 11th March I cannot cope I don’t know how to deal with it

So sorry for your loss.
You’re not alone; no one knows how to deal with loss. We all struggle and worry about how we’re feeling. Talking does help, even if you only talk to yourself, in the car, in the house, to the cat/dog.
It’s new, it’s unknown; there’s no instruction book, we all have to find our way through and so will you. But there’s no hurry; take each moment as it comes, just aim to get through the next 5 minutes, 10 minutes. Go at your own speed and very slowly you’ll know what to do.
Some days it feels as if you’ve made no progress (whatever that means) but you’ll gradually work out the right way for you to cope.
Keep talking to us and you’ll feel a little less alone.
Remember, all of us on here are in the same position as you.

So sorry I lost my hubby 7march so hard. i have a cry all the time another support says take 10 minutes then another 10.talk to your children…
I Have started doing a jigsaw I find that helps me also I have started knitting toys for charity in the evenings when. I find that is the worst time thank goodness I have my little dog to talk to thinking of you . Norma

I lost my soulmate on Easter Saturday in a horrific way. We’d spent the morning in the garden, and he’d gone to make us lunch. The next I knew was he collapsed in the doorway and had stopped breathing. I tried for about 15 mins to administer CPR until help arrived. This now haunts my thoughts and dreams, with the images and sounds. I watched for an hour while three paramedics worked on him on the kitchen floor, then a further half hour in the back of the ambulance. When we got to the hospital his family took over, and I was left in the visitors room. He later died, and I feel totally lost without him. I’ve not been included in any funeral arrangements and am not to even send flowers. We’d been together for five months, and he was an amazing man.

I lost my beautiful wife of 25 years at the age of 49 on the 12th March with no warning she died at home before I got back from work. It breaks my heart she died alone, she had sent me a text at 1.20pm saying how much she loved me, I sent one back at 4.15pm saying I loved her more, I will never know if she read it before she suddenly died.
It is so hard but you both knew how absolutely close you were, family find it hard and don’t realise that since you got together the love you had made you the closest possible even more than blood family, I say that because I truly believe you were already family to each other, but is a case of taking it minute by minute, friends have told me to take it a day at a time which shows me they care, but we know a day can give us a huge change of emotions its like a rollacoaster, but I can say that this forum is a comfort and had helped me.

Hi, losing a partner so suddenly is so hard to manage. I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my partner suddenly and had to do cpr too. He was 53, on 27th of July would have been his birthday! It’s hard but we need to grow bigger than the grief. Just take every day as it comes!