Losing my Brother

Hi,I left a msg on another page about having a termanilly ill brother.
Sadly my brother passed Friday morning,he was only 60.
I’m not taking it well at all at the moment.
My family may not be the closest but family is family. I feel i’m being excluded somewhat as have been abroad for many many years but have moved back now.
I’m hoping to be able to still see the children now he has passed.
I am also hoping after the service things can get back to normal as best as possible in these sad times.
Have a nice evening,best you can

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I also lost a brother and more recent a sister. It’s a very numb feeling to lose a sibling I have none left. I understand how you must be feeling. Hugs to youx


I lost my brother feeling lost and lonely we were close the funeral was on Monday

Sorry to hear you lost ure brother. I understand ure loss. I no how u must be feeling. I don’t think people understand the loss of a sibling. It does something to ure head. It’s an awful loss. Pray u take ure time each day. And have some better days to comex

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I feel for you, I have the funeral,in 2w ,so, i’ll be suffering yet again.
Have a good evening

Thank you for your kind messages

I was 1 of 3 i had 2 older brothers but we were so very close. The eldest passed suddenly in his sleep in 2017 then my other brother passed after 6 months of fighting pancreatic cancer in 2019, i couldnt attend their funerals due to my own mental health but also as i just couldnt accept the finality. Its just me and my mum left now and i cannot believe i will be alone someday now that they are no longer here :broken_heart:

I totally understand how sad and lost you must be feeling.
I too am still struggling to even think about my loss let alone more than one.
Keep strong,I understand that time is a great healer

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