Losing my Dad

Where do I start? My dad passed away in June and I’m finding it hard to accept. Everyone says you need to keep fit, eat the right things to keep healthy, well then if that was true why did my Dad die suddenly in his sleep from a heart attack when he was the fittest 75 year old I knew. He swam a mile at least 3 days a week and canoed twice a week and loved to go for walks with my mum. Everyone would say just how fit he was for his age. It’s just not fair!!
I am struggling with different moods and having a family of my own, 3 girls ranging 7,12 and 18 it is hard dealing with everything and sometimes I know I can be grumpy and not the best to be around. I try holding my emotions in to be strong for my wife and kids but it is getting hard.

Hi Jna,

I know exactly how you feel. I lost my mum suddenly in june to a catastrophic brain hemorrhage.there was no warning and she had taken my daughter to the cinema and McDonalds the day before.
Mum was nearly 75, her birthday is next month. She was slim, didn’t smoke and spent her life eating low fat foods.
She did love a glass of wine though. I am in complete and utter shock and struggling so much.
My sister is very philosophical about these things and thinks we can only control our destiny to a certain point. She thinks when it’s your it’s your time. In june my friend also lost her dad suddenly to a heart attack. He was a landscape gardener and was fit as a fiddle. He was 77 and was still working. He felt strange in one of the gardens he was working all of a sudden, collapsed and died. She had only just remarked to me how she thought her dad would go on for years. I thought the same of my mum.
I expect you felt the same of your dad.
It’s a cruel and awful world at times.
Cheryl x

Hi Jna

So sorry for your loss. I hope you are coping better now or have some peacefulness. My dad passed away exactly the same way, exactly the same month, and very close in age to yours. My mom found him in his chair watching TV in the morning. He was the least likely person to die out of no where of anyone. Never even had a headache his whole life. On 0 meds, etc. traumatized, shocked, terrifying are the words that describe that chaotic day and the days that followed. I am replying so that you know that you are not the only one. In my dad’s case, we presume cardiac arrest. It can happen to anyone at any age, just requires an arrythmia in the heart and some other underlying things to happen at the same time.