Losing my Dad

I lost my dad three weeks ago to a Brain tumour. We were very close, I always looked upto my dad as a strong indestructible human being. I have been strong for my mum and my children but I have days where it just feels numb and other days I feel very emotional. I have noticed I’ve been getting anxiety symptoms such as rapid heartbeat and feeling sick and heavy chest. Has anyone else had these?
Many thanks

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I lost my wonderful dad in May, i was holding his hand right up to the end and until the undertakers arrived and my mum and sister were there also, he was at home which is where he would of wanted to be so we are thankfull for that
I was a full time carer for my dad for the last 3+ years and am utterly devasted without him. I think about him every day and am somehow managing to function daily tasks mainly to please those around me. My life now has no real purpose and I feel completely lost :frowning:


Hi I’m really sorry for your loss. I lost my mum 4 weeks ago and had bad anxiety at the start. My grief definitely comes in waves now. I can have a few days where I can manage the sadness. Then I get a random day when I’m so sad I can’t stop crying. I was feeling sick a lot and wakened every morning so anxious, very like that feeling of butterflies in my stomach and no appetite for a week. I had a few worse panic attacks, one when I was trying to sleep and my breathing and heart rate were very fast. I got diazepam from the Doctor, but have only taken 2 so far. Just knowing I have them for worst case seems to have helped. I have been a lot better and the sick feeling is less and I’m eating again. I do sometime still get anxious when I think too far ahead and how life will be without my mum now. With time I think you too will feel the anxiousness lesson. I think the best thing everyone tells you to do is just take one day at a time and not overwhelm yourself with thoughts of the future. If one day is too much then take one task at a time. Just break the day into what’s manageable to you.

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People tell me life will never be the same again and I believe that’s true, for me my dad was my go to person for anything and everything and no longer having him to go to is heartbreaking as no one else can be him not even my husband.
I dealt with all my dad’s estate stuff so that kept me busy for a few months and ensured my mum was ok financially speaking as I know my dad would want me to make sure she’s ok.
My experience of GP’s and our local hospital etc leaves little to be desired and that’s putting it mildly and having got copies of my dad’s hospital and gp notes my concerns about inaccuracies and lack of care have been proven I am right to be concerned leaving me with a even busier roller coaster of thoughts on what to do about.