Losing my Dad

It’s been over two years now. Feels like so long ago but so recent. I feel more sad that his life ended and that’s all gone. Nothing left, can’t enjoy his favourite foods again or play guitar. Thinking about it makes me cry every time. I feel like it’s affected me in every aspect of my life. The thought of progressing in my life hurts as I want to tell him and he was always proud of me. It’s still so very hard.

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I look around my Mums house and see all the things that she loved. I find it desperately sad that she can no longer enjoy it all. Time in some respect makes it more painful, as one just longs for them even more. Perhaps, we just learn to cope better with the big waves of emotion when they come. Or we have to try and switch of from it, as it’s so painful.
I’m not long off two years and I agree it’s still very painful.