losing my dad

have watched over the past four years prostate cancer take the man that I know, respect and love as my dad. become less and less as the time went on. but over the past year the disease became more aggressive taking his ability to walk then his ability to talk. leaving just a bag of bones in a hospital bed at home. Makes me angry and upset that this disease has done this dont understand.

Hi Jayclifford
Watching someone be taken by cancer is just gutting. Willing them to get better then finding theres no more can be done and then watching them fade away befor your eyes all the while sitting by helpless.
Its an awful disease and I dont think we ever get over what we go through. We learn to come to terms with it. But it takes time and a lot of emotional strength to move forward. The anger is there because we could not help. Or we feel we couldnt. But eventually we realise we did all that we could with what we have. This is not easy, any of it but somehow the strength comes and we find ourselves walking a different path. Allbeit one we would never choose.

thanks just need to find my way through the fog

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