Losing my dad

I have a necklace my dad bought me for my 21st , i am 61 this year, it means the world to me, i have pictures of my dad around my house, i really miss him

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Yeah I have one my dad got me when I was 40. It’s so nice looking at pictures I talk to my dad all the time

I lost my dad in June. A few of you say you have photos of your dad and videos. Im struggling to have photos around the house of him. I got 50 photos of him developed when he died as i panicked that i would lose them from my phone. They are in my drawer, its crippling me to look wt them but i know they are there. I have also visitedthe graveyard where he is buried but cannot get past the gate which makes me feel guilty but i cant do it. I just cannot get past this. Im hoping to.

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Oh I’m sorry to hear that. Everyone deals with grief in a different way . There is t no right or wrong way it’s what feels right to you. I have my dads ashes and they comfort me in a way knowing he is here

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I took my dad’s ashes back to Scotland and scattered then with his brother on the fields they use to play, it’s heartbreaking at times as i have no place to go and visit,

Thats a lovely thing to do but heartbreaking too. Its so hard to carry on without them isnt it x

A very hard thing to do but so nice

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It was what I promised him has he had been away from home for so long, i don’t what I would have done without the support of my other half,

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So sorry to hear about your loss i totally get how you are feeling im still numb and went to my mums the other day and expected him to be there is very strange. Xx big hugs hun xx

We have had to porspone dads funeral due to mum still being in hospital we met with FD and celebrant sat was nice to remembering all those memories about what he did when he was young, mum asked me if i would read a poem out at his funeral i feel honoured that she wants me to do it but not sure if i can, the celebrant was lovely and said dont worry if you cant jane i will be there to help if you need me to., i still can’t take it in that hes gone its been a month now the funeral is booked for 3rd feb. I miss him his dad jokes his words of wisdom and most of all his cuddles.

Sorry for your loss, yes i miss my dad’s silly joke’s, he never judge me or my brother and was always a shoulder to lean on, he wasn’t without his faults, he had a tough childhood a lot i didn’t find out until after he passed, he was and is my dad, will love him always and forever :heartpulse: i wrote a letter to my dad that was read out for me, my brother and daughter spoke both from the heart

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Yes me too, i miss his laugh but mostly the tight hugs he gave me. Six months has passed and i still feel no better. Me and my mum had to choose head stone yesterday and its set us back again, we were heartbroken. I cant get the day he died out of my head, it was the worst feeling ive ever had. People think i should be ok now but inside im lost and very sad, i loved him so so much.

Not a day goes by that i don’t think about my dad, and still go to phone him in the evening, sometimes i feel as if i will never get over losing him, i sat and held his at the end x