losing my dad

March 31 2017 the worst day of my life I lost my loving caring smart funny positive dad to cancer.I was very upset leading up to his death I even went to a councilor but it didn’t help I knew in my hart of harts he was going to die…on the day he died I didn’t want to see him die but my mom br aught him home .I remember sitting next to his bed thinking well that’s it he’s gone.it felt like some one shot lightening through me.
I’m 37 I now live with my mom. I’ve never lost any one close before and I try to hug my mom when she is crying I never know what to say to her.We are as bad as each other both negative.
my mom has cried everyday so far and I’ve woken up about 4 in the morning and can hear her crying then too I think I should go to her room to comfort her but I don’t want to smuther her. I just walk around feeling like a polo mint with a hole And very empty some times i cry because i dont know what to do without my dad i loved him very mutch.nothing seems to make any difference it doesn’t matter how nice ppl are what they tell us we both wonder what the point is.we have been out places for walks but my mom mostly Isent interested in groups or seeing ppl with exception of my brother or my aunt. She said to me once that I was little consolation with hurt my feelings greatly but I forgive her because I know she loves me. I guess I just need advice
my brother is hope less he just goes and gets drunk he doesn’t visit us I don’t think he is coping either.


I am very sorry to read of the loss of your Dad. You sound as if you are having a horrible time, it’s awful losing a parent.

I just wanted to say to go with your instinct when you hear your Mum upset at night and go to her. Maybe make a cup of tea for you both and take hers into her room.

Thinking of you