Losing my dad

I lost my dad june 2023 i really miss him sometimes i find it hard

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Hi. Its still very early days for you. There will be days when you think you’ve just got a grip of yourself again and then some small thing will happen and it will all fall apart. I lost my Dad in August. I was there for his last breath and I relive that all the time. He passed away from complications from Dementia. He was 91 years old. I lost him gradually over a period of 4 years because of that horrible disease but I was privileged to have known him and to have looked after him in his last days.
There will be very difficult days ahead, but reach out here and to any friends or family you have. you may be surprised at how people are there for you. I was almost broken come Christmas. I didn’t want to know but my family came together for me and we had a pre Christmas party and, whilst my Dad wasn’t there, he was in spirit and it really lifted me talking about him and how he used to be before the dementia.
It gets better, it really does. I know this from losing my Mum 10 years ago, I hadn’t seen her for a while and she died before I got chance to see her again. it was hard to reconcile with that but there are easier days.
I’m not over my Dad, I never will be. He was my best friend and mentor, as well as my Dad. He was a real pain in the arse at times but I loved him to bits and I held his hand when he died.
I know I’m telling you all about me but I just want you to know where I’m coming from and to just say you’re not alone in this, none of us are. never feel like you should be over it by a certain time because it’s personal to everyone. I will be here and others who have been through this will be here when you need to share.


I’m so sorry. I lost my dad a few months ago and it’s so hard, I know. When you lose a parent you lose someone who has known you your whole life and you feel lost. Many here understand, so it’s a good place to be.:heart: