Losing my dad

I lost my dad at Christmas and my mum in 2021…every day I hold a vigil sitting with my dad every day …I only have a few days then he will be gone forever …its so heart breaking the pain consumes me and and trauma of knowing mistakes were made by the hospital, I let my dad down by not fighting hard enough for him while he was in hospital …I feel so lost and abandoned.


I’m so sorry for your loss. It is very difficult, but take your time with the grief. I lost my grandma in April and dad less than 2 months later and it’s still hard for me. It will come in waves but take comfort in being with family and friends. Cry, don’t hold it in. Don’t forget to look after yourself. :heart:

I’m so sorry. It’s makes it really hard to cope when you know the hospital has made mistakes, too many of us have similar stories. Sending you hugs. :heart:

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Yes. My dad was in hospital when he passed. He got covid, but was finding it hard to breathe so had to be on the ventilator. He got over the covid eventually but then caught another chest infection which I think was likely acquired from the hospital. I still feel like it’s unfair, but I am slowly getting through everyday with more thoughts about lovely memories with him instead.

I don’t know the mistakes your dad’s hospital made and I feel for you. I know it sounds cliche and it might sound unhelpful right now, but time does help, and going through the difficult milestones (birthdays, Christmas and New Year) with support from living friends and loved ones have really helped me feel lighter.

Mind you the grief is still very much there and it did not diminish at all, but I am now more able to refocus on the beautiful memories.

Sending you much love. :two_hearts:


I lost my mum in May 21 and didn’t grieve for her as I was looking after my dad so I am grieving for 2 people. Sorry for your loss.

Epsom and St Helier hospitals made so many mistakes from 2020, what happened this time I feel the hospital killed my dad.