Losing my Dad

Hi everyone
I lost my dad 3 and a half weeks ago and had his funeral yesterday. I just feel heartbroken. I’ve had so much support but once the funeral is done everyone has to understandably go back to their lives and I am left to try and deal with this whole in my life. I’m so so sad, can’t picture my life without him and have so much guilt that I didn’t visit more, didn’t do enough. :broken_heart:

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Hello Lisa
I lost my dad almost 4 weeks ago and his funeral was 2 days ago.
I am feeling the same as you.
Everyone is going back to work, getting on with their lives.
I’m still yet to go to his house to clear his belongings which is causing me severe anxiety and gastro issues.
I hope you find healing soon.

So sorry to hear that :broken_heart: I had to do my dad’s place already as we only had a month and it’s sooo tough. I couldn’t bring myself to do the clothes, they are in my garage. If you have the space, pack his personal stuff up to sort out at a later date when you feel stronger. Sending you lots of love xx

Hi Lisa,
I think that is what I will do. He loved music and had so many music t shirts that would break my heart to get rid of.
I suppose we are in the same boat at the moment with regard to our support system. I hope yours have been great with you. It probably sounds silly but I feel guilty for being down all the time, as if I am burdening my loved ones unnecessarily.
I have no words to support you in your grief, and feel guilty (once more) that I am commenting on your post with my own issues. But I hope it brings you comfort that you are not alone, as it brought me comfort to see your post that you feel similar to myself right now.
Lots of love and healing thoughts being sent from me to you. X

There’s enough guilt with grief, please don’t feel any more.
I’m the same, I have so many friends who have been amazing but feel I can’t keep messaging saying I’m still sad.
My partner’s dad died 2 weeks after mine so we are now planning his funeral which is so hard as I want to support him more than anything but my heart feels broken xx