Losing my Dad

My Dad passed on 5/12/18. I don’t have anyone to talk to about the huge loss I feel.

Sorry for your loss of your dad. I lost my dad nearly 3 years ago and my partner in May who was only 48. It is so hard, do you have any family or friends to talk too? This site has been a good help to me or have you considered counselling.
Christine x

Hi.Amy. Please don’t try to ‘go it alone’. There are all sorts of services now to help the bereaved, this site being one of them. I know how difficult it is to get moving but look up any groups or organizations near you. It may be that you want to be alone, but most people need to unload how they feel, and we all need each other at times like this. It’s a huge loss and I know because my wife of many years died two months ago. I miss her terribly, but looking on this site makes me realise I am not alone or isolated. There are many in a worse condition than me as I have a lot of support from the community in which I live. Talking about how you feel to someone you trust is so useful. It doesn’t take the pain away, but it does let you express your feelings. Bottling up feelings is not good. Blessings.

Hi Jonathan. Thank you so much. I’m so sorry for your loss and yet you gave me your time. How kind.

Thank you Christine, I’m so sorry about your Partner and your Dad, thankyou so much for thinking of me at your hardest time. My mum is newly diagnosed with dementia, she isnt my mum. I am going to see my doctor on Thurs xx

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Look after yourself and take care
Christine x