losing my father.

Dont really know how this works or what to say really. Its been nearly 7 days since i lost my dad. Cant give a particular feeling i feel because its not just one feeling. Its alot of feelings all the time and its no feelings all the time. Numbness but emotional. Feeling restless tonight ans havent slept much at all…it feels like nothing makes sense anymore ive conpletely lost sense of time…days…everything is confusing and i guess…it hasnt kicked in yet and im worried abouy how or when it will kick in…am i only in this kind of thought?..

Hi Ninaneens26 and a warm welcome to our Online Community. Your dad has only died very recently so I’m sure most people here can understand your feelings of numbness and confusion at this stage.

Hopefully some of our members will be along soon with messages of support, but in the meantime, you might find it helpful to read this thread https://support.sueryder.org/community/losing-parent/dad-just-passed-away and read how others are coping with losing their father.

I do hope you’ll find some comfort here with others who understand what you’re going through.

take care

That feeling will pass, I lost my dad in February and I’m only just turned 22.

I have carried on my nursing degree to finish this year and it’s been so hard. I’ve had days where I feel sick because I miss him, or I think I see someone that looks similar and realise it’s not!

Everyone will tell you, but it really does take time and to let yourself grieve

The numbness wears off a little and the pain will be unbearable sometimes, but you will get through it! Your dad would not want you to be so sad.

Live your life for him, how he would want you to live it!

Sending love,
Nat xx

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