Losing my husband so young

Hey all,im new to this ,how do you start x


Hi, i found the best way to start is to read some of the previous posts, it helps to know that others are feeling the same way.
So sorry for your loss. :broken_heart:

Hello @Sassysas666, welcome to our little group on here - all of us schooled in grief, anxiety, trepidation, silence, the aching gap that comes with the loss of those we loved so much. You have started on here just right. With a post, with a question. We all pretty much just jump in. I post if I have something to share from my story - while we are all grieving, each experience is personal and unique and there is no right way to get through. The one way to go, if and when you can, is forward, a step at a time. Have a look at some of the posts here in the Losing a partner section. There is great advice in most of them and a real solidarity in them all. There is usually someone on line who will answer and some of us are quite chatty! I hope today goes well for you, my friend.


@Sassysas666 If and when you feel ready, as good a way as any to start is to just tell your story. I can guarantee that all those reading it will empathise; in part your story will be their stories too. The grief you feel and the emotions that accompany it, will be well known to them.
If you like, we are all part of a family united by the loss of a loved one.
I wish you solace.


I lost my husband in June 2022. He died from prostrate and bone cancer and was only 54. From the moment he was diagnosed with cancer it was only 2 weeks until he died. This was a huge shock to me and I feel like I can never get over it. He was my carer as I am severely disabled and now I have no one. We were married for 25 years but have no children.


Bless you. So sorry to hear of your loss. It really is awful. Just type what you’re feeling and we will support as we can. Sending you love.