Losing my husband suddenly

Hi, my husband passed away days ago aged 40. He basically went to work and didn’t come home. I can’t believe I am writing this as these last few days just seem a blur. Nights are the hardest as your brain is just switched on replaying things continuously. Am I the only one wide awake at this time not sleeping?!

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Hi your story sounds alot like mine. My husband died over 3 years ago

It’s very early days for you. Just concentrate on getting through one moment at a time. I’m here if you need to talk

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So sorry for your loss
My husband passed December the 5th
I had to get some sleeping tablets as I didn’t sleep for weeks
Take care and text anytime xx

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Thank you, yeah I had sleeping tablets but have stopped them as they just knock you out and you don’t dream.

Dear Nic1111

So sorry for your loss - I truly understand. My husband went out on his motorbike one morning in September, laughing and waving as he set off. By tea-time he was gone, killed in a road traffic accident. Since that time have hardly slept. I lie in bed going over our conversations that day, our last telephone call and then the events that unfolded after the incident.

I know that he is not coming back but sometimes still find myself thinking this has to be some awful dream and I am going to wake up.

I wish you and I and everyone else on this site were not having to go through our individual tragedies.

Take care

That’s awful. I know what you mean about it being a bad dream. You feel like you will wake up from it soon and he will walk into the house telling everyone it’s a big mistake.

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My darling husband of 43 years, died suddenly. I am wearing his watch, and the wedding ring that fits my middle finger. He was wearing these items when he died on the kitchen floor.
I keep looking at the watch, wishing I could turn the hours, days, minutes back, just to have him with me again. How can you heal a broken heart.

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So sorry for your loss heartbreaking I know
Not sure how we carry on
Please take care xx

I understand your shock and loss. My husband went out one evening a couple of weeks ago and never came back. He was 50. I still cannot understand why - there is no cause of death at the moment. I just want to turn the clock back too but know I can’t. My future was interwoven with his. I can’t begin to contemplate how long it will seem now. My thoughts are with you.

Thank you. It’s just taking one day at a time sometimes hour by hour. Please feel free to send me a message at any time if you need to have a chat. That’s to everyone who has responded on this post. Think it’s easier to talk to people who have been through the same thing.