Losing my husband

I just feel half a person , have not really cried , it was always just the two of us for 36 years then nothing , I have family but feel alone xx


Its such early days for you on this awful journey that nobody on here wanted to be on. Just give yourself time and take it day by day. I cant say it ever gets easier ( hasnt for me anyway) .


@Misprint me niether.X

The emptiness can feel so overwhelming. Sending you love.

Keep messaging on here where you will at least find others who understand, which does help a bit.

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Really been struggling the last few days, the more the days go on the worse I feel & the emotional pain is getting worse too. I’m on medication but that doesn’t seem to be helping now.

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So sorry you are going through such a terrible time @Emz.
I hope you find some peaceful days soon but none of us can predict how our grief will take us at any time. Just be kind to yourself and not expect too much from yourself. xxx

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