Losing my husband

I don’t have any words of wisdom @Dave13 but I wanted to say how sorry I am. I’m trying to hang on to gratitude for the time we did have together, but it’s too hard at the moment. I know Mags would want me to carry on though. I’m sure your Sue would want you to too. Take care mate xx

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@OzMags Hi mate so sorry about your great loss. its a shame on here so many sad people searching for a answer, and the only answer is impossible to achieve no one can bring our loved ones back. But they will never die as long as someone remembers them when I walk through the cemetery I see so many old graves died in 1750, 1820 ect and I stop and wonder if no one from that family remembers them do they still exist or are they just lost souls. I will love my Sue till the day I die. But 1 day in 70 or 80 years when all of our grandchildren are gone will me and my Precious Sue become just two more lost and forgotten souls. (I am Legend for I am many) And my Sue is still loved and remembered by everyone who knew her. As I am sure your wife is too. It takes a special kind of love to form a bond like we have with our wifes. It hurts mate we both understand that. Stay strong all my best Dave in LIVERPOOL

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@Dave13 of course nothing can replace the physical presence of our loved ones but just think about how much your lives were intertwined. When you are so close to someone for many years you become a part of each other which alters who you are. I know for a fact that many of my habits or traits are part of who I now am because of my time with Richard. Part of him lives on in me and always will. The way I do certain things or my beliefs and habits are all part of who I evolved into as we absorbed and accommodated each other. In this way his spirit lives on through me while I still live.

That is separate to his soul - Newtons law The conservation of Energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. If we think of the soul as energy, which makes sense as it’s not a physical part of our bodies, then it cannot be destroyed, simply changed. It is my belief it exists somewhere but we can’t see it.

My beliefs are based on my faith but I also love science and they both make sense to me.

Karen xxx