Losing my husband

I lost my husband two years ago 6 November 2015 but not because he was terminally ill he was neglected by the Macmillan Nurse and the doctors who supposed to looking after him .My husband did have only once cancer of the mouth diagnosed 2014 and cancer removed 2014 December 3 rd .But also he developed Lymphedema which the key worker Macmillan Nurse didn’t wanted him to refer to an specialist, the comments were ‘ to rule an recurrence out ‘which my husband disbelieved and so have I . In fact my husband died from airway obstruction due to failing referral Lymphedema specialist.My husband was not daft, he may not understood much medical words, but what his symptoms were concerned he was very well informed, because last but not least he was the patient.The hospital claims it’s not their fault, my family claims is their fault.Plus my husbands feeding Peg was sabotaged, the top half of the Tube cut off and a needle or some sharp surgical instrument stuck into.I never thought that people are capable of doing such things especially when it comes to head and neck cancer.The key worker wasn’t to much bothered, and claims this is not his fault.Well, my husband and myself thought and think differently, and so are our two kids.Do you know what? They telling me to go to an kind of an bereavement support , to get of my chest, thinking I am overwhelmed.But the answer is and always will be’should have referred my husband to an Lymphedema specialist and saved his life when he needed medical care and treatment most.And that’s very cheesy to treat people like as nothing worth.And also signing DNAR without consent, and playing the holy Samaritan on top.My husband died without dignity and people want me make to believe, that my husband was terminally ill.A/ the cancer of my husband was removed, my husband did have Radiotherapy/ chemotherapy with success.The issue Lymphedema which was very well a great distress for the patient my husband, is may uncomfortable to the health professionals to admit negligence, but for the patient and wife, family it’s millions more uncomfortable than for those who planned all this to happen in the first place.If my husband didn’t have cancer he certainly would have not developed Lymphedema, it’s logical and not psychological.Do you know what ‘ the books from the Macmillan who my husband and myself given ‘ it does say Lymphedema treatment and if the patient/ next of kin , wife got any problems with this ‘ they can complain and raising the issues.And now they stopping me to find a very legal solution the choice of mine.Comes to the key worker , he wasn’t a nice person, he was no good and basically got my family in a mess.And he passed the problem to sue Ryder a district nurse.If this just was a so called cancer death or palative care , my husbands feeding Peg would have not cut into bits, unless it’s sabotage and negligence.The medical A&E notes and the apologies letters are saying ‘ that my husband was so called terminally ill but the cancer come back, but up to September 2015 no evidence of reccurence in fact October 2015 .I know what does make common sense to sort things out legal, and not just here and there some complaints and getting the issue worse.My daughter is15 and she does health and social care, and she isn’t believing what that health professional does put things in writing. It’s abuse and not tolerated.And this is which is why myself is not going to an bereavement supporter.Woman , wife’s do never get over their husbands death, especially when husband and wife loved each other very much.And by christ, my hubby adored me and so the story goes.We met 1994 in Germany where I was born and breed , he was working over there as an self employed carpenter, and ever since in love.

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