Losing my husband

Hi my husband died unexpectedly on March 5th 2023, I’m struggling to come to terms with it after being together for almost 33 years…

I’m overcome with grief and I really hope that I can get help, there are days when I just don’t want to get out of bed, eat or drink anything and there are days when all I want to do is cry and drink myself into oblivion watch TV and do nothing


Hello Paddy2
That sounds very familiar to me . My husband died October 2023.
I’ve started to eat but it’s not enjoyable . I lost almost 2stone .
I have insomnia . I miss him so much :broken_heart:

Struggling to come to terms with it that’s where I am. I can’t imagine a future and growing old without him alongside. We were married for 40yrs he was 58.
I’m forever changed with this loss , I don’t think I will ever come to terms with it whatever that means . Contentment, calm accepting . I will always miss him being alongside me and the love we had for each other.
One day at a time , breathe. :heart:


I’m Tracey 53 yrs old husband passed away 25th December 2023 from sudden heart attack, died instantly. I’m going through the overwhelming pain and emotions. Very hard to live every day after 35 years together. Having to dig deep but I want to make him proud.


Hi Paddy2 Tracey25 so sorry for your loss know matter what day we loose our loved ones it is bad but Christmas day that’s horrendous I really feel for you I’m so sorry.
I lost my husband May 1st 2023 and I’ve had Bereavement councilling which has helped although some days I struggle like today having a bad day but I find comfort from coming on here as everyone says one day at a time small steps reading people’s stories helps as you realise your not on your own take care all of you sending hugs

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Sorry about everyone’s loss. Ican relate. I’m 56 and my husband also passed unexpectedly due to a massive heart attack on Nov 19 2023. My heart is broken but I take it one day at a time. We are all on this terrible journey together. Hugs to all.


Condolences to everyone. Reading what is written has made me very emotional but have the reassurance that I can draw strength from knowing that I am not alone.

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It’s so true Tracey25 sorry for your loss we’re not alone and it does help being on here you take care :heart: