Losing my late husband’s Dad

I lost my husband, my soulmate almost 2 years ago. He was 59 & his Dad was still alive. I became closer to him as he was my connection to Derek & vice versa. He also lost his wife, Derek’s mum a number of years ago & knew what it was like. We’ve helped each other go through our grief & shared many memories & I loved talking to him about Derek’s childhood, kept him alive as I didn’t feel like he was forgotten, as time goes on lots of people stop talking about him, I always find it’s me keeping his name going.
Derek’s Dad, Ken, sadly passed away this morning, quite suddenly, much like my Derek & it’s hit me very hard. I’m lucky that I had him in my life to help me through these last 2 years, I don’t think he ever got over losing his son or for that matter his beloved wife 10 years ago. Grief is a hard ever changing journey.

I’m so sorry foryoyr loss, the sudden loss of your father in law is probably making you relive the day you lost your husband too, I lost my younger sister 3 months ago and the grief is awful, my friend who lost hers 19years ago said when I told her mine had died it all came back to her like hers died only yesterday, you are still most likely grieving for you husband and now your father in law, words of comfort are hard to find when life is so sad and painful, I hope you have a good support system in friends and family and maybe if there is one really close person, express you need to talk about your husband, it keeps his memory alive.

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