losing my mam to terminal cancer

on boxing day 2020, my mam had a pain in her right side. we went to a&e where she was admitted for further tests. we were told that she had a ruptured gallbladder and she was immediately put onto an iv drip of antibiotics. she had so many tests and scans while in hospital and each time was the same prognosis, they said they needed to control the infection before sending her home then in a few months time she would need to go back to get her gallbladder removed. a simple enough problem so we thought. 3 weeks later she was still in hospital. unable to see her at all due to covid. she was sent for one more set of tests and scans which they found to be cancer, my mam had been diagnosed with secondary terminal cancer. she got sent home 3 days later. she resembled someone who was not my mam. she was so thin and frail and literally looked like she was dying in front of my eyes. how could she go from a fit and healthy person just weeks ago to this! it was hard to comprehend. exactly 7 days after returning home my mam passed away with me my dad and sister by her side. ive not really dealt with my mams death. ive kept a busy life with uni and my child. ive gone through a marriage break up and moving out of my home, taking on the foster child my mam had for 7 years to avoid her going into care and im just now, 9 months later trying to get my head around the it all and trying to come to terms with losing my best friend. my mother,

Sophie, what a horrible story and I can understand why you are only now getting to grips with your grief. There’s so much going on in your life and taking on the child is lovely of you but just added more to problems. Please keep posting and reading others post and if you feel counselling may help then go ahead.
Take care Sxx

Hi, I’m so sorry to hear you lost your mam. I lost my mam too,to cancer. It’s such an awful, cruel disease. It’s almost been a year now since my mam passed and I’m still hurting so much.I guess all the love you have for them has no where to go anymore. I find talking about her helps a little bit. I’m here if you’d like to chat .