Losing my Mum and Dad

Hi, I am new to the online bereavement group and this is my first post. I am about to start counselling in January from the Sue Ryder Association which I very much look forward to in the hope it can ease some of this excruciating pain. I lost my Mum in April of this year after being diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer only three weeks previously. We brought mum home and cared for her in her final weeks with the help of district nurses and Marie Curie. Only 8 weeks later my elderly dad took unwell with a chest infection and died. It has been beyond awful. I can’t actually find the words to describe the pain. The most horrible part of grief is that nothing you have ever experienced before prepares you for this pain. It literally takes the legs away from you. I am some how getting through each day as I know that is what my mum and dad would want. I surround myself with my family and friends and they give me great support and comfort. I only pray this pain gets easier xx


exactly what my friend said to me about losing his father.

lost mine now and it is truly a nightmare. now six years later, I am sort of now normal. I am very sorry. I know the pain. I was an only child.

counseling is SO important. no one else will understand the depth of your pain. you need professionals.

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I just read your message and my heart goes out to you and I wish I could say or write something meaningful to you to make you feel better. You’ve had such a hard time of it and I can truly identify with what you are saying about feeling so wobbly! I lost my mother in April and it’s been the scariest journey I have been on - so I can truly sympathise.

I really hope that you can just continue to carry on as you are with the hope that gradually, the pain will lessen a bit.

Much love

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