Losing my mum my best friend

I’m 24 years old ….I lost my mum on 23rd November 2022 she was 53 she battled terminal cancer for just under a year after beating it 8 years ago. She was my best friend and I feel so lost without her I don’t smile laugh or enjoy life anymore without her being here. I have a nearly two year old boy and got married in July. So nice to know my mum saw me have my baby boy and get married but I feel so sad she won’t be able see him grow up or me have more children or make anymore memories with me :cry:


Hi, @Meganfinney i am so sorry for your awful loss, i can relate and know how hard it is, i lost my sister in August 2020 she was only 18! It still doesnt make sense to me and in some ways i still cant except it.

In October 2020 i lost my mum and it completely destroyed me, she was ill but we were under the impression she was getting better (slowly) .

Please dont think that you have to deal with this alone.
Here if you want to talk, stay strong!

hi, thank you so much for getting in touch.
I’m so sorry hear about your sister and mum it truly is heartbreaking just take comfort in your mum is reunited up there with your sister. Your so strong. Losing family members is so hard really is. Xx

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Thank you @Meganf i appreciate that i really do. I do find comfort in knowing they are together and both out of pain, but like you say its very hard.

I also find comfort in writing poetry, if your interested i could share some with you in private messaging? Completely up to you, no pressure.

Thanks for writing back, and remember you’re strong too!


Yes it’s hardest thing to ever go through. Aww that’s lovely yes thank you would love to hear x