Losing my mum.

Hi, I’m 20 years old and lost my mum to cancer in November last year. She had cancer when I was 12 but she was re-diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago but available treatments didn’t work. She deteriated very quickly but her death still felt like a huge shock. She was my best friend and I find I am really struggling without her. Many friends and family saw her death as a relief because she is out of pain, but I just feel empty. I’ve seen many things no teenager should have to see and have had conversations that I wouldn’t want anyone to have to have. I find myself constantly playing videos of her just to hear her voice and I can’t fall asleep unless I have reread conversations that we used to have on text. I feel so alone and I just don’t want to live a life without her. People tell me it will get better but I don’t feel like I can ever let her go.

Hello katie…I was saddened to read your experience at such a young age of losing your mum…hearing your mums voice and reading her texts sound comforting to you …lots of people find comfort from keeping that connection with those they love …losing my own mum and dad around your age was devastating and the sence of loss never truly goes …but somehow life finds a way to grow around it …I hope you soon find a way for your life to begin growing again to …take care

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