Losing my mum

Hi to all of you that is using this site , my condolences to each and everyone of you, I lost my mum on Saturday 10th July she had secondary liver cancer, I gave up my job to care for her at home so she could be with my dad and her family, I miss her so much already and feel so lost without her.


I list my mum November, same I gave up my job to care for her, she had cancer too. Now 15th June I’ve just lost my dear dad… I feel totally lost and like no one feels the depth of my pain… my mum was my bf and I never would have been ready to lose her… I feel lonely and somedays just want to be with her


It’s so hard isn’t it, I really don’t know how people cope with the pain of losing someone so close, you are doing it twice in such a short space of time :pensive: I feel so lost & always wanted to believe this day would never come , I try to be strong for my dad & always end up crumbling when I get home, I have two very supportive daughters but still at times feel really lost, I hope you get the support you need too x

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Hi lynzc how are you, my days are still so painfully sad, I think every day how much I miss my mum the guilt is still there and I still feel so lost, how do you get through such a heart break, I think each day I’m ok then a wave of emotions come over me & I crumble, how are you coping? Are you able to talk with anyone? Will this empty feeling ever go, you are in my thoughts, hope your ok
Lynn x

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Hi Lynn
I just want to say I really feel for you losing 2 parents so close together. I hope that you’ve got supportive friends and people you can talk to.
Take care and be gentle with yourself.
Much love
Sue xx