Losing my mum

I lost my mum nearly 3 weeks ago suddenly, I just don’t know how I am meant to feel am I just going through the motions. I just don’t know what I should be feeling

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I am so sorry for you loss and pain. My mum passed last March

You are in the early throws and it feels like you are being battered by a storm. Whatever you are feeling is okay. There is no rule book, no list to work through. You will feel a million things and nothing at the same time and it is scary, but if that’s okay.

The early days you are in emergency mode. Meet the main things - sleep and eat when you can. Stay hydrated. Hide under a blanket. Watch mindless tv. Doodle. Scream. Cry. You just have to let it out

Use this site. Say whatever you feel - there is no right or wrong, and many of us will have been there too

Do you have friends and family to supper you? Don’t be afraid to ask for help and take it.

Wishing you a gentle and peaceful evening

Beki xx


Thank you Beki for your advice

And I am so sorry for the loss of your mum x

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How are you feeling today @Marie8

Hope its a gentle one

best, Rebecca

Today was my mum funeral, she had a lovely send of I have never seen so many people she was really loved. It filled my heart to see that,
Thank you


I’m so glad that amongst the sorrow you were also able to find the love during your Mum’s funeral and all the love others had for her.

It can be very tiring after, so be gentle with yourself and take care.

Beki xx

Thank you for all your kind words

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