Losing My Mum

I lost my mum to a brain hemorrhage 4 weeks ago,she had been poorly for a while
but never told me till it was to late.I rushed her to hospital on the 6/6/23 and she never spoke to me for 9 hours.I have been diagnosed with PTSD and can’t grieve for her,because there is so much to do,and i can’t think about going back to work in a care home for patients with dementia.


Hi Dawnmarie1

I’m so sorry to hear about the recent loss of your mum and what a terrible shock that must have been for you. I understand what you mean about being too busy to grieve at the moment, there is so much to do in the early days and it’s probably your body trying to protect you at the moment.

I lost my own mum at the end of March, so understand some of what you’re feeling. I have found it horrendous and the most difficult and painful thing I’ve ever had to face, but I have taken one at a time and am still here.

This site is a great comfort and gives the opportunity to connect with others who have also suffered terrible losses. I hope you have supportive family and friends to turn to also.

I understand why you can’t face work at the moment, especially with the type of work you do. Take time away if possible and try not to feel guilty about it, you need to look after yourself right now.

Sending you love x

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