Losing my mum

I lost my mum in august from cancer. Mum was 88 I was living with her
and taking care of her. This grief is tearing me apart. I cry everyday and
hurt everyday. I am lost I have no direction I’m finding it harder everyday. I want to be with mum so much. But I Know I can’t. I’m
Just finding so hard.

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Hi @Pattaya sorry you’re struggling with the pain of grief for your Mum. It’s so hard isn’t it, trying to adjust to the absence of a much loved and cared for parent? My advice would be to read through the many posts in this forum as you’ll see there are so many of us grieving a loss and trying to make sense of life. You’re not alone. Have you got a daily routine to help structure your time? Distraction helps and I always think you need to find light in the cracks of the darkness. Doing little things that bring a bit of joy, even if it’s as simple as watching a favourite TV show or film. Grief can be a long process and you’ll do it in your own way. Keep sharing how you’re feeling as it’ll help you make sense of it. Best wishes xx


I am so sorry to see you are feeling like this and I can totally understand how you are feeling . I too lost my Mum end of March, we lived together our whole lives and I nursed her through her cancer battle.
All I can say is take one day at a time, I have two children who are keeping me going but I miss my Mum so very much and it’s the loveliness during the day when I am now on my own.
Sending you a hug as it’s a feeling unless you have experienced it you will never quite understand x

Thank you for replying and your advice

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Thank you for replying I’m sending you a HUG also

These are such wise words. I struggle every day with the sudden loss of dad. I’m so low in mood and not easy to be around. I make loads of mistakes at work and take no enjoyment from life.
However listening to others experiences really is helpful. Such wise warm reassurance. Such kind lovely people on here.


Hi @Niknak1 it’s important to know that you’re not alone, even though grief is such a personal experience. Doing little things to help you feel some comfort in difficult times might help. Take care xx