Losing my mum

My mum has got cancer that can’t be cured, they say she only has about 3/4 months left now.
When she was diagnosed back in june i shut down all my emotions, I was not sad, i did not cry, i literally blocked it out and didn’t think about it, now she is getting very weak and it seems very real now, i really dont know how to cope with it, all i do is cry now amd every day is a struggle


Keep letting those tears flow, it’s ok, necessary even. The loss you’re facing is so big and awful to see coming. You can’t control the grief and have to try not to fight it away, it will make it worse. I’d say be kind to yourself, as gentle as you can be…this is an awful journey, one lots of us have faced or are facing, you can talk as much as you like and will receive support from a lovely group of people.
Spend as much time with your mum as you feel you can, tell her all the things you want to, don’t leave yourself with any regrets. I’m sending you some strength and compassion


Hi @Arctic. I am very sorry that you are going through such a difficult time. I think that @Sun had some good advice.
My mum passed suddenly and unexpectedly nearly 4 weeks ago. I long to be able to go back to the last time I saw her and tell her that I love her so very much. To say thank you for so many things and sorry for a few.
It must be so hard to see this happen to someone that you love so much but as @Sun said, regrets and what ifs are so so hard. Try to use any time that you have to say these things.
We are all here for each other to offload, cry and just share and support.
Sending you hugs at this difficult time x